Stockyard sample sent to China

HIGH purity silica sand hopeful Industrial Minerals has sent a 20t bulk sample from its Stockyard project to China’s Shandong Hongbote Solar Technology, following completion of a heritage survey over the mining lease area in Western Australia by consultants from the Yued Aboriginal Corporation.
Stockyard sample sent to China Stockyard sample sent to China Stockyard sample sent to China Stockyard sample sent to China Stockyard sample sent to China

Heritage Survey on cleared farmland within the Stockyard project.

The heritage survey did not unearth any archaeological or cultural sites.

According to Industrial Minerals managing director Jeff Sweet, participants in the survey appreciated the efforts made by the company to provide a clear picture of the mining process and rehabilitation plans to return the site to productive farmland.

"The outcome of the heritage survey is really positive for the progression of the Stockyard project," he said.

"We have been able to successfully build relationships with the participants within the community in which the company intends to operate."

The 20t bulk sample was excavated, processed and bagged at Stockyard before being packaged for delivery to SHST, under the terms of a previously signed non-binding memorandum of understanding.

Once beneficiation test work is done the parties will negotiate key terms for a binding offtake agreement.

Sweet said the bulk sample represented a significant step in the development of the Stockyard project and further advanced the company's progression from an explorer to developer and emerging producer.

"We look forward to providing the processed HPSS sample to SHST to complete a full beneficiated product assessment," he said.

"We appreciate the services provided by the mining, transport and processing contractors involved in getting this sample ready for shipment."

Sweet said offsite processing had given the company the opportunity to assess simply washing and de-sliming the silica sand product, prior to shipment to offtake partners.


 ilica sand sample after washing screening classifying and dewatering Silica sand sample after washing, screening, classifying and de-watering.