New Acland stepping on the gas

NEW Hope Group is trialling a diesel and natural gas hybrid truck developed by Mine Energy Solutions at its New Acland Mine on Queensland’s Darling Downs.
New Acland stepping on the gas New Acland stepping on the gas New Acland stepping on the gas New Acland stepping on the gas New Acland stepping on the gas

The dual-fuel truck being trialled at New Acland.

Noel Dyson

The high density compressed natural gas truck uses a duel fuel system using sequential gas injection to convert a 100% diesel engine to dual fuel using natural gas as the main fuel.

New Acland general manager David Vink said the trial was focused on finding a viable alternative fuel to reduce costs and truck emissions at the mine.

“The new hybrid truck trial follows a string of other successful New Acland innovations such as the introduction of the Wirtgen Surface Miner for thin seam mining and the use of 4G equipped surveying drones in the controlled airspace above our operation,” Vink said.

“Mine Energy Solutions shares our commitment to innovation so we’ve really enjoyed working with them to get this new hybrid technology up and running at New Acland.”

Mine Energy Solutions mine integration manager Bernie Ford said the hybrid truck had been onsite at New Acland since early August and fully operational since December.

“So far the hybrid truck has performed to the same engine and truck performance as New Acland’s regular diesel-fuelled trucks,” he said.

“The new dual fuel system overcomes the weight and space limitations of conventional compressed natural gas and the cryogenic complexities of LNG.

“In addition to significant cost savings, we’re confident the hybrid truck will also reduce vibration and noise levels compared to standard mining industry trucks.”

Ford said a key component of the trial had been seamlessly transitioning the hybrid truck into New Acland’s regular work roster.

“The new hybrid technology has been developed to support a full work shift of up to 12 hours,” he said.

“This means the hybrid truck can operate to the same rosters as New Acland’s regular equipment, therefore minimising any impact the trial could have on the mine’s productivity.”