Blast from the past

THEY say everything old is new again. Hell, even the mullet is making a comeback. While Hogsback thinks there is nothing wrong with a bit of business out the front, party out the back, he is concerned about something else making a comeback from that era.

Blast from the past Blast from the past Blast from the past Blast from the past Blast from the past

The Australian union movement is trying to bring back industry-wide bargaining and industry-wide strikes.

The reason, it says, is so that disenfranchised workers, particularly those in the gig economy, can compete fairly.

This is concerning, particularly given the parlous state Australia finds itself in politically.

The Liberal and National Coalition are teetering on the precipice. The knifing of yet another Prime Minister and the plans to bring Barnaby Joyce back as leader of the Nationals are probably enough for right thinking voters to say: "you've had your go, time for a change".

That is not to say this humble Hog is a Labor supporter but even he is starting to get a little fed up with what is being served up out of Canberra.



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