Hogsback on Harwin

HOGSBACK reckons New South Wales’ so-called Minister for Energy and Resources Don Harwin should just cut to the chase and rebrand himself “Minister for Solar Power and Renewables”.
Hogsback on Harwin Hogsback on Harwin Hogsback on Harwin Hogsback on Harwin Hogsback on Harwin
At every opportunity's Harwin's media secretary churns out releases about how NSW has been busy building solar panels. 
For his part, Harwin cannot help himself puffing up the renewables industry - and this is from the man who is supposed to be the minister responsible for coal mining, which just happens to be NSW's largest export.    
Is the Liberal NSW Energy Minister a closet Green? Or is he afraid of being mugged walking down Macquarie Street by a stray Adani protestor?  
At a recent smart energy summit in Sydney, Harwin told everyone inclined to listen that the NSW government had paved the way for a cleaner, more reliable energy future with the completion of its ambitious Renewable Energy Action Plan.
"The federal government may have changed its position on energy policy but we haven't changed ours," he said.
"In 2013, we set 24 ambitious targets to increase renewable energy generation in NSW and we are proud to announce today that all of them have been realised, helping ensure we have sufficient and affordable supply as we transition to a renewable energy future. 
"When the plan was launched we had no large-scale solar generators but since then our actions have helped deliver Australia's first solar farms at Nyngan and Broken Hill and NSW now has nine operational solar farms and 11 wind farms. 
"NSW has one of the strongest and most diverse pipelines of energy generation projects distinguishing us as the most resilient state for power supply with our share of wind and solar more than tripling since the plan first launched." 
NSW has almost 90 large-scale renewable energy projects in our planning system, totalling about 18,500 megawatts, which Harwin calls "staggering". 
"I congratulate those who have helped implement the plan and contributed to the growth of the NSW renewable energy sector," he said.
High praise indeed from our breathless Mining and Resources Minister. 
And what about coal? 
A look at his public announcements reveal scant mentions on the subject over the past 12 months. 
The Australian coal industry can never be appreciated for its major contribution to the economy if our elected representatives keep pandering to the renewables lobby.
Hogsback reckons the relevant ministers should be champions of the coal industry and be prepared to explain to the electorate its importance to the nation.