Hogsback on anti-nukes

HOGSBACK would like to know what the thousands of activists did to fill in their time before they heard of Adani.
Hogsback on anti-nukes Hogsback on anti-nukes Hogsback on anti-nukes Hogsback on anti-nukes Hogsback on anti-nukes

There was a time when activists were passionate about opposing the uranium and nuclear energy. Local councils even declared proudly on signs around the streets that they were nuclear free.


It was cool to be anti-nuclear and Midnight Oil frontman and former ALP politician Peter Garrett was a vocal opponent.


However, it seems the fixation on coal has given uranium a get-out-of-jail card.


Mining organisations can see their chance and pushing to reintroduce uranium mining.


The Association of Mining and Exploration Companies supports the repeal of prohibition on uranium mining in New South Wales. 


The Uranium Mining and Nuclear Facilities (Prohibitions) Repeal Bill 2019 is currently before NSW Parliament.


AMEC CEO Warren Pearce said NSW had permitted exploration in uranium since 2012 and now permitting uranium mining ensures that NSW is open for business for the "minerals of the future".


"In 2019 we need to look to the future," he said.


"The people and businesses of NSW are hurting from current energy costs and a diverse energy mix could relieve the pain.


"It should also be remembered that uranium is an essential component for nuclear power, which is a key part of the global energy mix and helping to reduce emissions."


Hogsback would like to know what happened to all those protestors he knew at university who paraded up and down the streets of Sydney declaring their hate for all things nuclear.


They have now gone quiet. Not a peep from Garrett or the activist community about the evils of uranium or a single protest outside NSW Parliament House.


Contrast this with coal, or more particularly Adani.


The Carmichael coal project may be a mine in a remote area of Queensland in the Galilee Basin but it can sure raise the hackles of an activist - regardless of their real knowledge about the black-throated finch or even where the Doongmabulla Springs are.


It is an activists' pile-in with Adani.


Every group including the Australian Conservation Foundation, Greenpeace, and the World Wildlife Fund want a piece of the action.


With the Queensland government finally giving its imprimatur to the Carmichael coal mine, Hogsback wonders where the activists will turn their attention to next.


It probably won't be uranium, as that is now too passe.


It would almost certainly be anti-coal.


So if you are in the coal industry be prepared to hang on tight as the activists circus moves to a street near you.