How to increase your pay by 54%

HOGSBACK has a message for all those long-suffering people trapped in lockdowns without work or those whose job is underpaid anyway: increase your pay by 54% and work in the mining industry.
How to increase your pay by 54% How to increase your pay by 54% How to increase your pay by 54% How to increase your pay by 54% How to increase your pay by 54%

Mining companies are also committed to training and internal advancement.

The Minerals Council of Australia estimates the average mining wage is 54% higher than the all-industries average and is set to grow as productivity and innovation improves.

MCA CEO Tania Constable said these were stable, high-paying, mostly permanent jobs in both the regions and the cities.

With more than 100 careers across the mining industry, opportunities exist on mine sites, in high-tech remote mining centres, in science as well as computer laboratories - or any mix of locations.

With advances in technology - think AI, big data, automation and connectivity - becoming core business for modern Australian mining, there are a range of roles becoming available.

"Demand for Australia's minerals and metals - and highly skilled employees - will only grow," Constable said.

"The industry added another 40,000 jobs in the past five years and over the next couple of years aims to create 5000 new apprenticeships."

Not only can mining companies and contractors offer attractive remuneration and working conditions, they are also committed to training and internal advancement. 

Underground mining contractor Mastermyne has managed the high and low cycles of coal mining over the past decade and it realises the importance of recruiting and retaining the best people - regardless of their professional background.

A subsidiary of Mastermyne, MyneSight provides accredited training and consulting services designed to upskill workforces and offer training compliance solutions to mine operators.

MyneSight owns and runs a simulated underground mining facility.

The mine readiness program delivered in the facility, the most effective in the country, accelerates a person new to the sector, safely and efficiently into an experienced underground mineworker.

As an accredited Registered Training Organisation, MyneSight's suite of nationally accredited training and technical programs is expanding.

So too are the scope of consulting services delivered to mine operators - both underground and surface - to help them meet their drive for cost mitigation and efficiency.

Mastermyne says this investment in people de-risks the business from the resourcing pressures being experienced across the resources sector and additionally, by growing its own talent, strengthens and protects its culture.

Hogsback reckons the mining industry's commitment to skills development and training can help thousands of Australian stuck in a COVID-induced career holding pattern and offer the promise of better opportunities ahead.