Firefighting push

FIRST Graphite is working with the University of Adelaide on a range of graphene-based fire retardant products and so far results have been progressing well.
Firefighting push Firefighting push Firefighting push Firefighting push Firefighting push

Fire retardant products are a key focus for First Graphite.

Noel Dyson

The company is a founding partner in the Australian government-funded Australian Research Council Research Hub for Graphene Enabled Industry Transformation.

First Graphite believes the fire retardant technologies could bring it strong earnings potential while also generating strong demand for its graphene production.

Continuing test work is proving the products to be superior to existing fire retardants in the areas of self-extinguishing ability, suppression of toxic and flammable volatiles, providing an oxygen barrier effect and retention of mechanical strength of structure.

In the US alone the estimated economic loss from fire is estimated at US$600 ($A752) billion. In Australia the economic loss is estimated at $15 billion.

The First Graphite and University of Adelaide work will focus on two product lines.

The first is graphene pains for fire resistive coatings. This includes wallpapers, fibres, wood fences and building cladding.

The other is fire resistive engineered wood, which includes particle board, chip board and gyproc wall materials. 

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