Make it local-focused AME wins contracts

NEWLY-rebranded Australian Mining Equipment has won key contracts as it focuses on using Australian manufacturing to create solutions for the underground coal industry.
Make it local-focused AME wins contracts Make it local-focused AME wins contracts Make it local-focused AME wins contracts Make it local-focused AME wins contracts Make it local-focused AME wins contracts

The latest AME 50T Dozer in final stages of commissioning.

The company, which was originally formed from Cougar's 2018 acquisition of the General Electric IP business, is also developing products to service the needs of its growing underground coal client base.

Australian Mining Equipment general manager Doug Woodham told Australia's Mining Monthly the company was geared up to provide manufacturing, supply chain, engineering, equipment service, and product support.

"The decision to rebrand was based on our belief that Australian manufacturing could provide the quality and the local support our customers needed, which was something that had been missing through the previous owners," he said.

"AME's equipment is unique in that we offer Tier III engine packages in all our equipment and that we are the only manufacturer that can supply a complete purpose built heavy lift fleet of equipment designed for all aspects of the relocation of modern longwall equipment."

In the past 18 months the company has secured major underground coal contracts, starting with the awarding of the first Mk7 personnel transporter contract.

"The Mk7 is a 12-seat personnel transporter used to access all areas of the mine," Woodham said.

"The Mk7 utilises an 83 kilowatt Tier III engine with greater power and fewer diesel emissions than other transports currently available, making the vehicle cleaner and more efficient.

"The increase in power also improves constant speed on grades when accessing working faces as mines workings are extended, this has saved our customers up to 20 minutes travel time per trip."

In Q1 2019, a major design and construct contract was awarded for heavy longwall relocation fleet, which was followed by a second heavy longwall relocation fleet contract in the Q2 2019.

In Q1 2020, a contract was awarded for the design and construction of AME's next generation Myne grader for delivery in Q4 2020.

"The Myne Grader utilises the 83kW Tier III engine package with a 12 foot mullboard [blade] and is capable of operating in roadway heights as low as 1800mm," Woodham said.

"The AME R&D team has incorporated the lessons learned from 20 years of service of the current Myne Grader to produce a stronger, more reliable machine with improved operator ergonomics and visibility.

"As with AME's other products the Myne Grader will be manufactured in Australia."

In Q2 2020 the first new heavy longwall relocation fleet was put into service in the Australian coal industry since 2015.

Woodham said the client's response to the relocation fleet had been overwhelmingly positive.

The client said the machines had both been performing well.