China Grove

THE Doobie Brothers may have been singing about a sleepy little Texas town, but they could just as easily have been singing about large tracts of the AIMEX show.
China Grove China Grove China Grove China Grove China Grove

Noel Dyson

Just about everywhere visitors look there are the red stands of the China Brand exhibition. Some have taken to calling it Chinatown.
China Brand has brought 108 exhibitors and jointly taken 1068sq.m of exhibition space.
The China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Machinery and Electronic Products (CCCME) and the Trade Development Bureau of the Ministry of Commerce have jointly put up subsidies for those exhibitors to come to Australia.
According to CCCME representative Yuan Yue, there also has been support for some of the exhibitors from provincial Chinese governments.
Chinese exhibitors have long been attending AIMEX.
That has led to some interesting outcomes on the show floor. Not least was back in 2007 when Joy Mining had a roof bolter on display. However, it became so paranoid about the designs for its machine being copied, it put it on display behind a locked door.
Interested customers had to make an appointment to get in to see it.

It has been Little China in large tracts of the AIMEX show.

Well, times have certainly changed because there is no Joy at this show but a very, very strong Chinese delegation.
Austrade trade manager, resources & energy Dr Nicholas Baker said the China Brand move was indicative of the overall Chinese push.
“It’s large, it doesn’t seem coordinated and it’s a bit bitsy,” he said.
“But it is also a big wakeup call to us all.”