Komatsu smarts on show

EQUIPMENT maker Komatsu has broken down multiple technology platforms into one super-platform and created an integrated, end-to-end project management plan covering all phases of a project’s development.
Komatsu smarts on show Komatsu smarts on show Komatsu smarts on show Komatsu smarts on show Komatsu smarts on show

Komatsu drone trials.

Karma Barndon

Komatsu Australia's Smartconstruction concept has been released in Australia and New Zealand for use in mining, quarrying and construction.

Smartconstruction is used to design, plan and manage critical project development stages - from initial survey and site design and works to machine control management, machine interconnectivity and review of project progress - and aid in the development of detailed as-built information for future construction and infrastructure maintenance.

Komatsu Australia national technology solution expert manager Aaron Marsh said the technology represented a huge advance in how contractors, project owners, quarry operators and miners could design, plan, construct and manage their projects.

Marsh said Smartconstruction built on machine management technology previously offered through the Komtrax remote monitoring service from the Insite fleet management centre and the Intelligent Machine Control system available on Komatsu dozers and excavators.

The project management plan can be broken down into four stages: unmanned aerial vehicle service; 3D data service; Komconnect cloud-based service; and support services.

The drone service covers the initial site survey and includes cut and fill and stockpile calculations as well as ongoing progress tracking and site logistics.

3D data service includes conversion of 2D and 3D data files to formats suitable for machine control applications and a best-industry practice 3D design consultancy, development and management plan over the life of a project.

With the Komconnect cloud-based service all information relating to a project from initial survey, design drawings and construction plans through to machine control data files, project progress data generated by machines and survey equipment, is compiled and stored in a database.

Finally, support services include remote monitoring, remote file transfer and operating training; intelligent machine control advice, project integration and site set up; assistance and professional consultancy with 3D design file development; and troubleshooting and servicing of machines and control systems.


SMARTCONSTRUCTION will be complemented by the introduction of drone-based survey and site management technologies and the cloud-based Komconnect information management program.

A Komatsu Smart Centre has been established and a team of Komatsu-trained technology solution experts will work across all levels to deliver SMARTCONSTRUCTION to the region.

Marsh said Komatsu was also providing access to more specialist training, specific site machine solutions and advisory services and has partnered with AviAssist to provide unmanned UAV training.

In addition, Komatsu has a national service and support agreement with Australian Topcon distributor Position Partners.

Komatsu has also established a new Australian management team focused on market innovation that will build on its implementation of information communications technology to take advantage of the company's developing technologies and innovations.

New Komatsu Australia general manager for market innovation Todd Connolly said through his role monitoring machine, production and industry parameters across all Komatsu machines operating in the region through INSITE, the company was harnessing the latest information communications technology and deriving maximum benefits.

He said technical innovation was at the core of Komatsu's DNA.

"Globally, Komatsu invests heavily in R&D -around $A600 million annually- and we do this to help our customers get the most from their investment in Komatsu products and services," he said.

"Innovation, by its nature, means we always have to be looking forward, to see what trends and disruptive technologies are coming down the line, so we can best serve our customers."

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