Spatial research call

MINING equipment, technology and services companies are being called to take part in a research and development program to develop systems to address data interoperability, sensors and the internet of things through better integration of spatial methods to manage the integrity of data.
Spatial research call Spatial research call Spatial research call Spatial research call Spatial research call

METS companies being called to take part in data research project.

Noel Dyson

The Cooperative Research Centre for Spatial Information is carrying out the R&D program that is focused across exploration, production, refinement and market delivery in the gold industry.

To take part though, METS companies will have to stump up $10,000.

METS Ignited has offered to support the initiative with a starting contribution of $10,000.

As mines become more digitalised there is an increasing need to build the interoperability infrastructure, communications and analytics to facilitate improvements in productivity.

Also, as more systems are digitally enabled, the amount of data generated through mining activities will significantly increase.

How companies respond to this inflow of data will be a key differentiator to the efficiency and productivity that can be generated through digital technology.

The generation of more efficient ways to integrate disparate data systems with high accuracy positioning, spatial quality and high resolution three dimensional data will link operational and activity-based data to inform and drive decision milestones along a mine value chain.

The outcomes of this accelerated research program are expected to deliver tangible results and improvements within a three to nine-month window.

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