Imdex connects with UK's Inmarsat

UK SATELLITE communications specialist Inmarsat says it has worked with Imdex to add reliable satellite connectivity to the latter’s advanced IMDEXHUB-IQ drilling data management offering, “removing the need for mining and drilling companies to provide their own connectivity”.
Imdex connects with UK's Inmarsat Imdex connects with UK's Inmarsat Imdex connects with UK's Inmarsat Imdex connects with UK's Inmarsat Imdex connects with UK's Inmarsat

Staff reporter

"This gives them the ability to analyse and upload field data in real-time from the most isolated locations around Australasia," Inmarsat said in a statement.

Imdex's cloud-based hub aggregates and transmits field data from subsurface instrumentation and mobile units, allowing an automated and instant upload of the data to a company's headquarters.

Imdex general manager product development Michelle Carey said connecting to the cloud via Inmarsat's secure and reliable network meant data could be uploaded for analysis in real-time, even in areas with no terrestrial coverage.

"In the first instance we expect to take the solution to market on a regional basis to mining organisations across Australia and New Zealand, with worldwide distribution following closely behind," she said.

Inmarsat director of mining innovation Joe Carr said the company was working to enable "the connected mine".

"We are working closely together with Imdex to power its IMDEXHUB-IQ drilling intelligence solution, making it accessible to resource and drilling companies across Australasia by providing access to our L-band network," he said.

"By building our global mobile satellite connectivity into the solution as standard, end-users do not have to spend time and considerable effort to reduce the complexity of procuring their own network providers on a project by project basis.

"We look forward to working together with Imdex in the future to bring this innovative solution to a global market."