Hogsback on CQ cowboys

HOGSBACK reckons Resources Minister Matt Canavan wants to challenge retired Central Queensland Cowboys NRL star John Thurston as being CQ’s favourite hero. The difference is that JT could always be relied on to slot a goal shooting while Canavan seems to let some of his goals slide.
Hogsback on CQ cowboys Hogsback on CQ cowboys Hogsback on CQ cowboys Hogsback on CQ cowboys Hogsback on CQ cowboys
One of Canavan's major calls for the Townsville townsfolk was the return of Yabulu nickel refinery, which was closed by its owner Clive Palmer.
Canavan spoke passionately about the plight of the workers and promised to do something about it. However, so far nothing can be seen.  
Canavan is also passionate about another coal-fired power station in Queensland, claiming that Adani's proposed $16.5 billion Carmichael coal mine should use locally produced power from coal rather than diesel for its operations. 
So it ironic that it is Clive Palmer who is announcing his own plans for $1.5 billion coal-fired power station in the Galilee Basin.
Palmer, who is also chairman of Waratah Coal, said his proposed 700 megawatt high efficiency low emission ultra-supercritical power station would be established on the mining lease for Waratah Coal's Galilee Coal Project, approximately 30km north of the Central Western Queensland township of Alpha.
"I am putting my money where my mouth is by announcing this new station so we can power Queensland and help bring down energy costs which continue to escalate," Palmer said.
"At full scale, the project will comprise two open cut and four underground mines, as well as supporting infrastructure, and will produce 40 million tonnes per annum of high quality thermal coal for export markets." 
Palmer said the project would bring considerable social and economic benefits for the region.
"We anticipate a workforce of approximately 1000 likely to be employed over the 36 to 42-month construction period, and up to 90 operational workforce to be required during the estimated 30-year power plant life,'' he said.
"As for the larger Galilee Coal Project, the intent is to utilise local workforce wherever possible."
Palmer, who was once the federal member for Fairfax on Queensland's Sunshine Coast, is beginning to sound like a politician again.
While he has no chance of beating JT as the undisputed hero of Central Queensland, Palmer might think he could upstage Canavan as a rescuer of Queensland's energy policy and a major employer in the region once again.