Taking the fighter pilot approach to mining

WHAT can mining learn from fighter pilots? One thing is how to work as a team and another is to operate in a safe, disciplined manner.
Taking the fighter pilot approach to mining Taking the fighter pilot approach to mining Taking the fighter pilot approach to mining Taking the fighter pilot approach to mining Taking the fighter pilot approach to mining

Miners can learn from fighter pilots.

That is what Afterburner higher performance coach Christian Boucousis is talking about at the Future of Mining even in Sydney from May 14 to 15.

"Getting things done these days is rarely easy," he said. 

"We face more uncertainty, because the changes are more frequent, and bring with them things we've never encountered before.  

"So it's harder to do the things that really matter to us, personally and professionally, and do them well. 

"In order to survive and thrive in today's environment, we must build for the future, at the same time as delivering today. 

"This starts with doing the simple things well and creating an environment where the collaboration of people, ideas and expertise is paramount because only then can we truly innovate". 

Besides being a performance coach and entrepreneur, Boucousis was a fighter pilot, hence the theme of his talk.

"Fighter pilots operate in some of the toughest conditions known to mankind, and we know the importance of operating in a safe and disciplined manner," he said. 

"We also know that working well as a team can be the difference between thrilling

success and crushing failure - situations I'm sure anyone working in mining can appreciate.

"Sure, fighter pilots are an elite bunch, hand-picked for their physical and intellectual aptitude, but it's their training that sets them apart from the rest. 

"The same lessons used to train pilots for advanced warfare can be used in mining to inspire

workers, develop high performing teams and improve operations at every level of an organisation." 

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