Bite on downtime

LOADER bucket life extension is what Keech Australia is promising with its Keesharp self-sharpening bucket tooth.
Bite on downtime Bite on downtime Bite on downtime Bite on downtime Bite on downtime

Keech's Keesharp bucket tooth.

Noel Dyson

Keech Australia marketing manager Brad Clark said the design introduced a longer tooth life than previously seen in the market.

“Keesharp adaptor and bucket tooth systems increase nose strength and integrity, extending the operational life of the bucket,” he said.

“The specialised design of the tooth profile means as it is used and worn down the tooth becomes even sharper, increasing efficiency with use.

“Because the tooth is so strong and because it gets sharper over time, Keesharp improves bucket penetration in even the most challenging conditions.”

The Keesharp also comes with a one-pin-fits-all format to make for easier changeovers.

The hammerless system is designed with a pin on either side of the tooth for a more balanced locking system.

The tooth and adapter absorb the force of digging, keeping the pins free of pressure for better performance.

Keesharp is available for machine sizes from 20t to 350t.

It is suitable for uses ranging from underground production and development to open pit mining and digging, as well as construction and earthmoving activities.