Production records snatched by Oaky North

Staff Reporter

After getting back into production just a few months ago, the Oaky North mine is doing some serious catching up and setting Australian records for longwall and total mine performance.


Not only did the MIM mine in the Bowen Basin break the monthly record, producing 745,764 tonne of longwall coal (772,029t run of mine), the mine also broke the weekly production record.


In the week ended April 23, the mine produced 213,803t ROM and 208,884t of longwall coal. This was achieved on the basis of cutting coal seven days a week with 40 x 13-hour shifts per week.


"Oaky North has not only recovered very quickly after its relocation, but it has reached the peak of coal industry performance," said Peter Lynch, general manager of the Oaky Creek mine.


Oaky Creek took the record from Bowen Basin compatriot Newlands, both of which are 75% owned and managed by MIM. Performance of the coal preparation plant also set personal best records be producing 711,740t of product coal in the month and 176,090t in the week ended April 23.


"We are very proud of our employees at the mines and processing plant," Lynch said. "They have been crucial to our success and are setting a fine example with their efforts and their commitment to competitive coal mining.


Lynch also commended the performance of employees at the Oaky No 1 longwall which he said was crucial to maintaining coal supplies to customers while the Oaky North longwall was recovered.


The Bowen Basin mine restarted longwall operations on March 10 after the longwall was dug out by dragline from the surface after becoming buried in June last year.