Port Waratah Coal Services May Statistics

Staff Reporter

Port Waratah Coal Services (PWCS) in Newcastle shipped 5.9 million tonnes of coal in the month of May. The Carrington terminal moved 2.1Mt while 3.8Mt was loaded at the Kooragang terminal.


The total tonnage was shipped in 72 vessels for an average shipment size of approximately 82,458 tonnes and an average turnaround time of 4.5 vessels. And, at the end of May 13 vessels awaited off-shore and 3 vessels were at the berth.


The bulk of the tonnage was received by rail, with Carrington terminal receiving 1.8Mt and Kooragang terminal receiving 3.7Mt.


Japan took over 2Mt of steaming coal and 739,000t of coking; Taiwan took 982,000t steaming and 128,500t coking, South America took 286,000t of steaming and Israel took 253,000t of steaming. Other destinations included Europe, Philippines, China, India and Malaysia.


PWCS said 75.62% of the throughput in May was steaming coal and the balance (24.38%) was coking coal. YTD (April and May), 72.41% of the total tonnage of 11,580,980 tonnes shipped is steaming and the balance (27.59%) was coking.

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