Continental scissorveyor on show

Staff Reporter

At this year's Queensland Mining and Engineering Exhibition longwall miners were able to get a good look at Continental Conveyor's innovative scissorveyor design.


Continental said the Scissorveyor eliminates the costly need to re-move rigid structure during production shifts. The Scissorveyor is installed at the tail end of the conveyor, immediately adjacent to the long wall. It’s extended during idle shifts and then collapsed during production shifts, thus allowing the longwall to retreat without stopping to remove rigid conveyor structure.


Continental developed the Scissorveyor concept at its Winfield design office. The original Scissorveyor was developed for the Twentymile Mine in Colorado, which utilises 1800mm wide maingate conveyors.


Since the original installation, Continental have constructed a further eight units in belt sizes in the range of 1400mm to 1800mm.


The scissorveyor on show was destined for the Moranbah North mine in Queensland.


The September edition of Australia's Longwalls features a detailed look at the Scissorveyor plus a management interview with Garry Marsden, managing director of Continental Conveyor & Equipment.

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