Massey trying for new WV mine

MASSEY subsidiary Marfork Coal has submitted a permit application with the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to open a new mine.

Donna Schmidt

Eagle No. 2, the 2051-acre site near the state’s town of Dorothy, will include surface, contour and highwall mining methods.


The operation will extract from the Coalburg, Cedar Grove, Chilton, Eagle, Winifrede, Powellton, Peerless and Stockton seams.


According to DEP documents, the permit is for five years and remains pending. No estimate date for approval was available.


Another Massey division, Alex Coal, owns a permit for nearby Eagle Land No. 1, according to the agency’s web site.


Richmond, Virginia-based Massey Energy owns facilities in Kentucky, Virginia and West Virginia equaling more that 2.2Bt of reserves, the company’s web site stated.

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