Mozambique in CVRD sights

BRAZIL’S Companhia Vale do Rio Doce (CVRD) is looking to develop a massive new coal mining project at Moatize in Mozambique in south eastern Africa, an area with large reserves of thermal and metallurgical coal but also known for its gaseous seams which have caused problems in the past.

Staff Reporter

CVRD’s plans for the project are on a much larger scale to past operations and would provide a huge boost to the Mozambique economy, reported.


The iron ore mining giant has declined to comment on the plan until a final feasibility study is complete but it is rumoured the project may well become the southern hemisphere’s largest black coal mine.


The company has reportedly commissioned a design for a 21 million tonne per year coal processing plant and is also planning to upgrade a rail link to the coast and construct new port facilities. Estimates put the cost of the project at $US2 billion, reported.

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