On-line coal services growing rapidly

RECENTLY formed on-line coal trading portal, coal-markets.com has formed a strategic alliance with Japan’s largest coal portal CoalinQ.com. Directors of Brisbane-based coal-markets.com said the alliance would provide coals listed on the site with the maximum exposure to the Japanese imported coal market.

Staff Reporter

Coal-markets.com houses Australian internet coal trading company oz-coal.com and the recently formed, asia-coal.com. Since asia-coal.com began operating in early April seven service providers have come on board to offer services such as shipping and freight information (Anderson Hughes Group), vessel line-up at Indonesian coal ports (PT Tri Elangjaya Maritim) and barging (PT Mitra Bahtera Segarasejati).


Over 25 companies joined asia-coal.com in its maiden week of operation and new members are joining daily. Three Indonesian coals have been posted on the sellers market board which have already attracted two offers.


“The sellers and buyers using the system have valued greatly the confidentiality and the integrity of the business platform as guaranteed by the directors of asia-coal.com,” said director Faith Dempsey.


“Coal purchasing methodology has changed significantly over the past three years amongst coal consuming companies world wide,” Dempsey said.


“There has been a real need to look at streamlining all aspects of the coal processing chain not just marketing and sales. The bottom line needs to be cost reduction across all facets of coal production and sales. We established oz-coal.com in June last year to do just that and the cost benefits to the coal industry have been tremendous.


“The alliance with CoalinQ.com further stamps our belief in e-commerce as a cost effective business tool to market coal to the world.”


CoalinQ.com was established in February by Japanese corporations Marubeni, Nissho Iwai and Itochu.