Crack down on illegal mines

OFFICIALS from China’s Shanxi province will start a campaign this month to crack down on illegal mines, the Shanxi Administration for Industry and Commerce told Interfax this week.

Staff Reporter

The 30 day campaign, involving intensive supervision and spot checks, is aimed at closing down the province’s illegal coal mines. Start date is set for July 15.


Coalmines that cannot meet the safety standards and that operate without a license will be shut down.


Interfax said the campaign was a response by the State Council to strengthen workplace safety supervision.


The crackdown has followed the announcement that the region would construct an information network to enable long-distance surveillance of coal mine safety.


It is hoped the network will help improve safety, specifically in helping to prevent gas explosions, a common source of underground mine deaths and injuries in the country.


Just last week an explosion in a north-eastern Chinese coal mine killed 22 people.

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