Latrobe Valley brown coal plant to get green funding

THE Victorian State Government has allocated $A83.5 million in funding for the construction of a demonstration clean brown coal-fired power plant in the Latrobe Valley.

David Satterthwaite

“This project will provide hundreds of jobs in the construction and operation phases, and ensure the Latrobe Valley remains Victoria’s energy centre for many years,” said Victorian innovation minister John Brumby.


“This project will showcase the unique attributes of the Latrobe Valley, which has the world’s second largest brown coal deposits, and its potential for technology development co-location and investment to a global audience. This Bracks’ government project will secure future energy supplies, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and deliver genuine economic and employment growth to the Latrobe Valley.”


In order to receive funding under the state government’s $A103.5 million Energy Technology and Innovation Strategy (ETIS) the project must provide efficient power generation while using environmentally sustainable technology.


“We are expecting to need a new base load power station using clean, energy efficient technology within the next 10 to 15 years to meet Victoria’s domestic and industrial energy demands,” said Brumby.


“This new station has to be at least 30% better at meeting greenhouse gas emissions limits and this new large scale demonstration project is crucial to achieving this aim.”


In addition to state funding, the project is also expected to take advantage of the federal government’s $A500 million Low Emissions Technology Demonstration Fund (LETDF).


“We have been in discussions with the Commonwealth to ensure the Latrobe Valley gets its fair share of the LETDF funding and will also be approaching the private sector to invest,” Brumby said.


The Victorian Government has called for proposals for the project and applicants have been given until 28 October 2005 for final submissions.

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