Steps to a clean coal future

AUSTRALIA'S mining union has stepped up its stance on climate change - literally - by joining environmental and conservation groups in a
Steps to a clean coal future Steps to a clean coal future Steps to a clean coal future Steps to a clean coal future Steps to a clean coal future


Staff Reporter

Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union mining president Tony Maher addressed crowds at the launch of the campaign yesterday and told International Longwall News that the Federal Government needs to increase its efforts and act with more urgency to introduce clean coal initiatives.


"We won't silence the sceptics until we have substantial sized, lower emissions coal-fired power stations," Maher said.


"[The Federal Government] need to double their effort in terms of money and guidelines for global zero emissions and coal-fired power.


"What industry has to keep in mind is that the community has made up its mind about this and there's going to have to be some changes."


Maher said the union was approached by walk organisers the Climate Institute and various conservation groups to join their cause but said the union has been active behind climate change for some time.


"It's of concern to everybody from business to communities to mining executives that changes are introduced," Maher said.


He is encouraging members of the mining industry to join the walk that will be held throughout the country on November 11.