One Hella mine light

HEAVY-DUTY lighting firm Hella has introduced a line of work lamps specifically for mining applications, the Xenon- and halogen-based AS500 series.
One Hella mine light One Hella mine light One Hella mine light One Hella mine light One Hella mine light

The Hella AS500

Staff Reporter

The North American distributorship of Hella – the aftermarket headquarters of German outfit Hella KGaA Hueck & Co – announced the release last week of the units meant for use on both mining machinery and equipment under extreme conditions.


Described as both compact and ultra heavy-duty, the AS500 line can be utilised with both 12V and 24V electrical systems with a modular design that can permit re-use in other applications, light source upgrades from halogen to Xenon, and adjusted mounting options.


The unit was designed with corrosion-protected aluminium and service access is quick, according to the company.


“The lamp body features an integral non-snag, ergonomic handle, which allows for accurate and stable all-position aiming in a high vibration environment,” Hella said.


“[It] can be mounted directly onto a rigid surface, and optional brackets are available for a pedestal mount."


The company said it incorporated its multi-element Draco isolator system between the lamp and its bracket so that shock and vibration often associated with metal-to-metal contact can be avoided.


The company also said it has included the benefit of its Free-Form precision optics for use of the light over long periods of time, as the homogenous spread of light reduces abrupt transitions between light and dark to a worker's eye. This addition will keep eye fatigue and stress to a minimum, it said.


“The integral electronic ballast fitted to the AS500 Xenon models is designed specifically for continuous operation in mining applications," Hella noted.


“The ballast is user replaceable and fully encapsulated in halogen-free, flame-retardant material for maximum protection against shock, vibration and environmental contaminants."


Lastly, the company incorporated a MustADD filter for longer performance in the harsh mining environment, which will allow for longer life as well as eliminate light loss from corrosion.


For more information on the Hella mining line, including specific benefits for underground applications, check out the May issue of Coal USA.