Bucyrus exhibits latest technology at QME

At the QME exhibition – the biennial Queensland Mining & Engineering Exhibition held in Mackay, QLD, Australia, from July 27–29, 2010 – Bucyrus will exhibit its latest developments for underground and surface mining operations. In addition to specially featured products, Bucyrus will provide information on its expanded product range following the acquisition of Terex Mining.

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World’s premier supplier of mining equipment


In February this year, Bucyrus finalized a deal with Terex Corporation for the acquisition of its mining equipment activities, including hydraulic mining excavators, off-highway mining trucks, rotary and hydraulic track drills, jumbo drills, and a highwall mining system. Information on these product lines – which position Bucyrus as the world’s premiere supplier of mining equipment, with 10,000 people serving its international customers at some 100 locations worldwide – will also be provided at QME.


In Australia, Indonesia and New Caledonia, Bucyrus employs over 1,200 people.


Bucyrus products on display at QME


Intelligent CST Drive Systems


Intelligent CST (Controlled Start Transmission) drive systems are designed for face conveyors in modern high-performance longwalls that have to move enormous loads while withstanding huge load changes. Bucyrus CST drive systems transmit drive forces of up to 1,800 kilowatts per drive safely and reliably. Besides the unique features like overload protection, heavy load startup, accurate load sharing, and full utilization of installed power, the CST drive system allows sequential no-load motor startup for minimum voltage drop in the electrical supply system. On display is a CST 45 gearbox which offers max. 800kW (1250hp).


PF 6 Line Pan


The innovative PF 6 line pans from Bucyrus define the new state of the art for underground face conveyor technology and form the backbone of the entire conveyor system.


The smart and totally new idea of splitting up the different functional areas in the PF6 allows the separation of wear parts from structural parts. Very hard, wear-resistant materials are used for parts subject to wear, while the structural parts are made of tough, high-strength steels. The pan design allows problem-free replacement of worn-out top troughs and means substantially longer service life and lower overall pan wear. Extremely smooth rolled-steel surfaces and robot-assisted automatic welding ensure even greater efficiency and lower friction.


52mm Power Chain


As extraction rates and power requirements continue to climb, chain and sprocket wear is becoming more important. The Power Chain’s special flight bar design allows low-profile pan, drastically reducing surface pressure and chain joint wear. The design also nearly halves surface pressure at contact points – and reduced pressure means reduced wear. Reduced contact pressure also means minimum friction and lowest power requirements and implicates increased conveying capacity. Counter-intuitively, greater contact surface results in less friction and wear and, as such, cost savings due to decreased wear and longer life of chain, sprocket, and conveyor. The Power Chain can be retrofitted to existing conveyors.


PMC Family with special focus on Bucyrus VibraGuard


Excellent automation is the basis for the success of a longwall – the quality and reliability of automation systems are key factors in the success of an operation. Bucyrus is the only manufacturer able to provide a complete modular family of powerful controllers that integrate fully with Bucyrus longwall equipment. Designed for full integration, there are dedicated PMC controllers for roof support systems, drive control and drive visualization. The controls are complemented by an advanced suite of visualization applications to provide a clear overview of the system and its performance, and to allow trending and analysis.


The tried and tested PMC-D/V Drive Control System has been upgraded to provide vibration monitoring (VM) to protect underground mining equipment. Called VibraGuard, this system allows trained personnel to predict machine component wear, avoid unplanned downtime, and set alarms to warn the operator if monitored machine components run the risk of damage.


Cameras for Longwall Area Monitoring


Three special cameras for monitoring areas of interest in and around a longwall are also on display:


The PMC-R Camera, a simple but highly effective intrinsically safe mine-duty camera that attaches magnetically anywhere on a roof support and has simple serial connection to the PMC-R.


The special High-Definition-Camera which can be used for example at the headgate or tailgate features high light sensitivity, 40x zoom, and dynamic bandwidth adjustment.


The Dome-Camera, designed for mounting under the canopy of the roof support – for example to track the passing shearer – features 360deg pan/180deg tilt at minimum 90deg/s. Pictures are sent to visualization or process applications (for example, showing the shearer or plow position, conveyor load, or the position of roof supports at the longwall end).


Miner’s Digital Assistant (MDA)


Sophisticated new wireless and fiber-optic communication technologies with high baud rates requires new types of test & measurement equipment. Bucyrus has developed the Miner’s Digital Assistant (MDA) to meet this need. Designed for network and maintenance tasks underground and in explosion-hazard areas, the MDA is intrinsically safe. A serial port allows direct connection to embedded controls such as Programmable Mining Controllers (PMCs), while a diagnostic port allows monitoring of communications and signal quality, and display of clients logged into the network. Furthermore, with the MDA you will have the right information at your fingertips. It can store service documents, lists, product manuals and other information or access these via network from underground. Maintenance checklists and a barcode scanner for longwall moves are also available.


VAST simulator


The new VAST (Value Added Simulation Training) System for Bucyrus electric mining shovels will also debut at QME. A low-cost solution only requiring VAST software, an updated Windows-based PC, a monitor, and two joysticks, VAST cuts training costs and increases productivity. In the field, operators who have undergone VAST training consistently outperform operators who have not. Visitors to the Bucyrus booth are invited to test their abilities on this interactive display.


Bucyrus product models on display


Electric Rope Shovels


Bucyrus produces electric rope shovels with superior digging forces and rapid cycle times. A 1:50 scale model of a Bucyrus 495HR electric rope shovel is on display – most recently Bucyrus has sold the first 495HR to Westfarmers’ Curragh mine. This machine will be fitted with the revolutionary Bucyrus HydraCrowd, with a hydraulic cylinder replacing rack-and-pinion or rope crowd. HydraCrowd provides highly responsive control and smooth, vibration-free operation, cutting downtime and increasing productivity.


HydraCrowd can be retrofitted to existing Bucyrus 495HR shovels, but comes standard on the new Bucyrus 495HR/HF. Featuring numerous Bucyrus innovations like increased propel power and the industry’s most inventive operator’s cab, we believe the 495HR/HF is the most advanced electric rope shovel ever produced!


Hydraulic Excavators


Bucyrus hydraulic excavators offer superior productivity with fast cycle times, high bucket fill and a double-benching backhoe. To provide increased uptime and low operating cost, components are extremely accessible and unique features ease troubleshooting. On display will be the apron of an RH340 Face Shovel bucket fitted with Hensley GET (Ground Engaging Tools). This is very kindly on loan from Rio Tinto Coal Australia’s Hail Creek Mine.


Rotary Blasthole Drills


Bucyrus has been at the forefront of rotary drill technology advancement for over 50 years, having produced some of the largest and most productive rotary drills in the mining industry. Innovations include a Rotary Bit Change Carousel, a Forked Pipe Wrench, a reinforced 49 series drill mast, a 24 volt control system conversion, and an enhanced operator’s cab.




Draglines are the largest single-bucket excavators built today, and Bucyrus has led the world in the design, manufacture, relocation, and refurbishment of these majestic machines for nearly a century. On display is a 1:50 scale model of the Bucyrus 8750 dragline featuring AC gearless technology. The AC technology used – supported by Siemens – provides reduced downtime, maintenance costs, and energy consumption, as well as increased productivity. The 8750 boasts a 109m boom, weighs over 7,000 tonnes and has a 109 cubic metre bucket.


Mining Trucks


A Bucyrus MT4400 1:50 scale model will be on display. Bucyrus manufactures mining trucks with payload capacities ranging from 136T to 362T, and has the most comprehensive AC drive truck series in the mining industry.


About Bucyrus International, Inc.


Bucyrus is a world leader in the design and manufacture of high-productivity mining equipment for the surface and underground mining industries. Bucyrus surface mining equipment is used for mining coal, copper, iron ore, oil sands and other minerals. Bucyrus underground mining equipment is used primarily for mining coal, and also used for mining minerals such as potash and trona. In addition to machine manufacturing, Bucyrus manufactures high quality OE parts and provides world-class support services for their machines. Bucyrus’ corporate headquarters is located in South Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA.