Enhanced mine emergency system to hit market

QUEENSLAND Mines Rescue Service has awarded Mining Logic Solutions the exclusive distribution rights for the jointly developed Mine Emergency Management System (MEMS*2) software which builds on the Nexsys real-time risk management system.

Blair Price
Enhanced mine emergency system to hit market

QMRS state manager Wayne Hartley said the agreement would advance an underground mine’s ability to manage an emergency.

The mining rescue service initially got MLS on board to create a more effective software version of the paper-based Mine Emergency Management System used by 11 underground coal mines, leading to the product name MEMS*2.

The best application of the new software product will filter information out of existing Nexsys software – developed by the CSIRO and MLS – to assist with key decisions that need to be made in an emergency situation.

QMRS operations manager Michael Farrag said it was a natural step for MEMS*2 to go hand-in-hand with Nexsys.

“It made sense for them [MLS] to go on and be the distribution licensee, because they have such an intimate understanding of the product,” he said.

The high-tech version of MEMS provides operational and safety benefits to underground coal mines, but minesites need to configure the software to suit their needs in various areas, including incident action planning.

“MEMS*2 has been designed to ensure that the mine is back in production quicker, and has an audit trail to ensure that more effective reporting of the incident is completed,” MLS general manager Dean Kirkwood said.

“From there analysis can be performed so that continuous improvement is achieved.”

While MEMS*2 is designed to be incorporated into Nexsys, the product can also be sold as a standalone manual system.

“When incorporated, it will be an automated package with information coming directly into this program from Nexsys,” MLS said.

“Nexsys delivers world-first capabilities in real-time risk profiling, hazard management, control and decision support and next generation ethernet-enabled communications systems based on IEC Ex ia [Group 1] hardware,” Farrag said.

“Having these two products onsite will not only improve the way that a mine deals with an emergency, but will also improve the day to day management on the site.”

In a nutshell, Nexsys connects to all the underground mine’s sensors, monitoring and safety systems, holding the information in a single database.

The software analyses the data, with necessary information provided to various mine personnel.

Warnings are sent out to key staff in the event of recognised safety risks, with the system automatically acting on potential emergency situations before they get worse.


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