Gas monitoring on the go

GAS detection provider Industrial Scientific has released its iNet InSite, a plug and play docking station solution for its portable gas detectors that provides critical functionality and information needed to keep people safer.
Gas monitoring on the go Gas monitoring on the go Gas monitoring on the go Gas monitoring on the go Gas monitoring on the go

Industrial Scientific's iNet InSite.

Lou Caruana

iNet InSite broadens the availability of iNet, the company’s unique gas detection as a service solution.

This new solution is designed for end users who own their gas detectors and have the means of servicing and maintaining them, but are challenged with gaining the necessary visibility into their overall gas detection program to improve the safety of their employees.

Subscribers of iNet InSite receive unlimited user access to iNet Control – a web-based application accessible from any PC Web browser – along with iNet DS docking stations provided at no additional charge.

The docking station requires no local software or server installation and is designed to work within the most stringent corporate IT network security policies.

With iNet Control software, users can login, manage and view the performance of their entire gas detector fleet.

iNet Control users can schedule automated events such as calibrations, bump tests and instrument firmware upgrades, as well as set up alarm thresholds and other custom settings.

The application provides practical insight for gas detection programs using trends, metrics, alerts and custom reports.

Industrial Scientific’s director of emerging technologies Raghu Arunachalam said: “With iNet InSite customers have pertinent and real time information to ensure that their people go home safely every night.”