Westchester back online

COBALT Coal, owner of the Westchester operation in West Virginia, announced Wednesday that it had resumed production after repairs were made to a malfunctioning continuous miner.
Westchester back online Westchester back online Westchester back online Westchester back online Westchester back online

Courtesy Cobalt Coal.

Donna Schmidt

The company said it resumed cutting coal on May 23, just days after announcing on May 17 the main shaft of the operation’s only miner had severed and caused the separation of the cutter heads from the unit and that it would suspend production due to the issue.

Cobalt’s Westchester mine has gained much popularity as the subject mine of the US documentary series/reality show Coal on Spike TV.

Calgary-based Cobalt Coal announced last May it had recommenced production at the 40-worker room and pillar Westchester mine.

Initially operational from the final quarter of 2008 to the second quarter of 2009, Westchester was idled due to a significant fall in metallurgical demand resulting from the global recession.

After receiving a new purchase order in the first quarter of 2010, Cobalt has been working to bring the mine back into production.

Cobalt owns a 60% after-payout interest in Westchester and operates the mine through its wholly owned Westchester Coal subsidiary.