Longwall USA 2011 Preview: Part 3

JUST a few days remain before more than 100 vendors will descend upon Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for the Longwall USA 2011 exhibition. Check out the third installment in a four-part series detailing some of the industry companies headed to the event next week.
Longwall USA 2011 Preview: Part 3 Longwall USA 2011 Preview: Part 3 Longwall USA 2011 Preview: Part 3 Longwall USA 2011 Preview: Part 3 Longwall USA 2011 Preview: Part 3

Schroder at Longwall USA 2007.

Donna Schmidt

The show is being hosted at the David L Lawrence Convention Center in downtown Pittsburgh from June 21-23. In addition to companies displaying the latest in mining products and services, five technical sessions on topics such as face automation, health and safety and emerging technologies are also planned.

Some of the companies coming to this year’s Longwall USA include:

Strata Products

Strata Products Worldwide is well known for its emergency refuge chambers and secondary roof support products and, as always, these products will be featured in its booth at the Longwall USA Show in June.

Under the spotlight, however, will be Strata’s HazardAvert Proximity Detection system for coal mining operations. A full-size demonstration system will be set up and operational, and visitors are invited to stop by and experience the system first-hand.

Also featured in the Strata booth will be the newly MSHA-approved Strata CommTrac wireless communications and tracking system. System nodes and a graphical user interface will be on display and visitors will see for themselves the simplicity of the components that make the system so quick and easy to install.

Battery operation and automatic system monitoring give Strata CommTrac minimal maintenance requirements and low recurring costs.

In addition to Strata’s new line of electronic safety products, it is also highlighting a new method of rock dusting. Available through Strata Mine Services, Strata offers a foam rock dust product that offers significant advantages over traditional dry dusting.

Regular rock dust is combined with a specialized foaming agent during application and adheres well to the mine surfaces. The foam base enables more coverage and ensures that the rock dust remains where it is applied.

The foam also significantly reduces float dust during application, allowing production to continue. In the event of an explosion, the rock dust will lift into the air as intended in order to minimize propagation.

These and other Strata product offerings will be on display and representatives will be available to answer any questions.

Matrix Design Group

As the June 15 communications and tracking installation deadline for underground coal mines approaches, over 200 mines have chosen Matrix METS 2.1 for its compact and proven wireless section equipment, superior support, and Matrix Design Group’s commitment to the coal industry.

Matrix’s METS 2.1 is installed across the US in a wide range of configurations, from small one-section mines to large eight-section and longwall mines. METS 2.1 can be installed with any new or existing leaky feeder systems, as a standalone tracking system, or as a complete communication and tracking system using text pagers for communication.

In addition, Matrix’s S1000 wireless CO sensor, integrated with METS 2.1, is the only fixed location, wireless CO sensor to be MSHA Intrinsically Safe (IS) approved and listed by a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) to fully comply with MSHA’s 30 CFR 75.351 and APOL 2207.

Looking forward, development efforts at Matrix include its next-generation R3 communications and tracking system.

Matrix R3, due to be released in late 2011/early 2012, is designed to expand on the METS 2.1 design of multiple integrated systems over a rugged, survivable, high-speed infrastructure.

R3 will not only include tracking, text paging, an atmospheric monitoring system (AMS) and belt control, as the current Matrix systems offer, but will expand to voice communication, cameras, high-speed data, Wi-Fi connectivity and useful mining software applications. R3 will also be scalable to fit both small and large mine operations, with both wired and fully wireless configuration options.


The Mineline MHS Secondary Cleaner with Service Advantage Cartridge from Flexco will be showcased at Longwall USA.

Offering many features that help conveyor productivity and efficiency, the Service Advantage Cartridge is ideal for limiting downtime and easily maintaining the cleaner to ensure superior performance. The enhanced design now features a variety of options for locking the cartridge into place, making it adaptable based on local codes and offering solutions for varying space constraint during installation.

The Service Advantage Cartridge slides out from the accessible side of the conveyor or chute wall for inspection, service, or replacement by a single worker in only a matter of minutes.

Blade cartridges can be removed in minutes and can be changed without removing the complete assembly pole or brackets from the conveyor. Instead, changing the cleaner blades is done by simply removing a pin, sliding the blade cartridge out through the side, and replacing it with a new or rebuilt blade cartridge.

This feature allows maintenance workers to replace multiple blade cartridges during the same maintenance period, saving time and money. The cartridges can also be easily rebuilt onsite.

Unlike other slide-out cartridge-based secondary belt cleaners, the Mineline MHS is durable and can be serviced in even the most severe weather conditions. Additionally, the side slide-out design is safer for workers because it doesn’t require them to access tight spaces to remove the cartridge.

The MHS Secondary Cleaner with Service Advantage Cartridge comes with all the attributes of the Mineline brand of belt cleaners, including tough carbide-tipped blades, PowerFlex cushion design, and an SST spring tensioner.

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