Continuous miner tailored for narrow seams

THE new Bucyrus 25C continuous miner – which weighs in at 61 tonnes – incorporates the robust features of the 25M series but is designed for low to mid-height seams.
Continuous miner tailored for narrow seams Continuous miner tailored for narrow seams Continuous miner tailored for narrow seams Continuous miner tailored for narrow seams Continuous miner tailored for narrow seams

Bucyrus 25C continuous miner

Lou Caruana

The continuous miner also has new enhancements that extend efficiency, productivity and service life, according to Bucyrus.

With two 205-kilowatt cutter-head motors, it is one of the most powerful continuous miners in its class.

Designed for operating heights of 0.86 metres to 3m, the 25C is equipped with 164kW variable frequency drive (VFD) traction control for higher speeds and greater control.

The 25C features a larger transmitter, a new generation hydraulic system features pressure and flow on demand as well as fewer components and increased component life.

Both the hydraulic and VFD systems provide machine protection.

The 25C operates a broad range with maximum rated cutting head power. The cutter-head motors are protected by a torque-limiting clutch to prevent damage in the event of a rock strike.

The high strength steel drums features 5.1-centimetre thick walls with maximum bit tip standoff.

The 96.5cm conveyor provides higher throughput with a bi-directional discharge forming an integral part of the mainframe.

A hydraulic take-up maintains proper chain tension for all conveyor positions and extends chain life.

The164kW VFD traction control provides high speed and torque to ground control which combined with the machine geometry facilitates cross-cut turning.

The one-piece highly robust frame uses 75-millimetre steel plate. The heavier, rigid frame allows more efficient cutting when sumping at the top of the seam and ripping to the bottom.

The support frame fabricated from high-strength steel has massive steel legs 15.25cm thick.

The largest-in-class boom pivot bores feature hardened steel pins and replaceable bushings. The robust clevis and frame have fewer weld joints subject to tension.

The 25C is designed for easy maintenance with independent cutter heads, traction, control systems, and wethead technology. Diagnostics are located for easy access.