Victaulic boosts product line and supply

PIPE MAKER Victaulic is expanding its Australian distribution network and will roll out new products to assist the longwall mining sector.

Blair Price

Having repurchased its Australian trademark from OneSteel, Victaulic is moving to grow its business.

Victaulic Australia/New Zealand regional manager Gennaro Sposato told International Longwall News the company would open several new warehouses and sales offices over the coming months to shorten its supply chain throughout the country.

He also detailed the enhancements to Victaulic’s existing product lines for the underground coal sector.

“We are already planning to launch a new range of couplings and fittings for shouldered pipe,” Sposato said.

“We are launching this system of pipe joining solutions not to emulate what is already available, but to give miners already using the shouldered system the option of cutting out loose parts using Victaulic’s unique pipe joining technology.”

He said Aquamine was a reusable and impact-resistant line of PVC couplings and fittings for underground and above-ground water supply lines.

He added the latest generation of the product was being tested on many sites with great success.

“Perhaps the most significant product launch this year will be the Style 177 coupling with our patented installation-ready technology, which we expect to revolutionise pipe joining methods in the mining sector.”

The 177 coupling will be launched in Australia in the last quarter of this year.

For severe or abrasive slurry services, Victaulic has enhanced its high-density polyethylene couplings, which join plain-end HDPE pipe.

“Since the coupling fits into the pipe OD [outside diameter], no wall thickness is lost and the pipe can be rotated for extra life.”

Victaulic’s grooved product line will also be bolstered with the release of the latest generation of QuickVic couplings later in the year.

“QuickVic couplings feature Victaulic patented installation-ready technology, which allows installers to assemble a joint by simply stabbing the coupling onto the grooved end of a pipe, fitting or component and tightening the bolts,” Sposato said.

A Victaulic representative said the QuickVic grooved coupling used new technology and would eventually replace the company’s Style 07 coupling.

Sposato said Victaulic invested heavily in research and development and was always looking to improve existing product lines and bring new products to the market.

“We have a long history of working with our customers to develop new products based on real industry need and aim to work with the Australian mining sector for future product development.”

The Aquamine and HDPE couplings are both enhancements to existing product lines. The 177 coupling, however, is a new product being launched in Australia for the first time.