Longwall USA: Megator, Schroeder Industries, Tunnel Radio of America

SEE the products and services to be on show at Longwall USA from Megator, Schroeder Industries and Tunnel Radio of America.

Angie Tomlinson


INTERNATIONAL pump manufacturer Megator will be bringing its recently launched Pumps 2000 America AODD design to the Pittsburgh show.

Company officials said the new release, available in 1-inch, 1.5in, and 2in designs capable of passing up to 1.5in solids, is designed to address difficult slurries when other pumps were exhausted after just a few weeks.

“The dual-diaphragm Pumps 2000 America model is the first redesign of the AODD specifically for the mining market and is considered to be the most efficient design for this demanding application,” Megator said.

The air motor is stall-free, runs smoothly without any lubrication, and offers the benefit of low air consumption (approximately half the industry standard). Long life and greater efficiency are two benefits of Megator’s product, which on average often lasts 10-12 times longer than competitors’ designs.

Megator considered the health risks of workers in its design efforts, making the unit of a lighter material – the 2in model weighs just 41 pounds – that will save the backs and necks of workers. It also resists deterioration, even in low-pH locations, and it is the first plastic pump ever made.

A fire retardant anti-static (FRAS) conductive plastic carrying an Atex M1 rating is also a proprietary feature of the unit, so use in more explosive situations is not an issue. Megator pointed out that the unit is the only pump currently approved for use in European and Australian coal mines as well, and the FRAS system can be used for both dewatering and methane gas removal when needed, without interruption.

The high suction lift of Pumps 2000, measured at 27ft wet or dry, allows for more efficient usage over time while designed to be maintenance-free.

“The supersuction ability is due to the unit’s patented double-hinged diaphragms, long stroke, and patented self-cleaning slurry valves,” the company said.

Finally, the pumps also are better on a mine’s bottom line. According to Megator, the design will not only reduce the annual cost of pumps, but will also keep the mine dry, which in turn will keep maintenance costs down.

Schroeder Industries

PENNSYLVANIA pumps producer Schroeder Industries will present its new filter specific to longwall applications, the LW60, featuring the new Excellement-MD synthetic media.

Developed to overcome obstacles caused by higher pump flows and to extend the pilot element’s service life, the filter is applicable to even the largest longwall systems.

The patent-pending LW60 consists of a single filter housing aligned horizontally with the fluid supply. By allowing a straight-through flow, the design maximizes efficiency, minimizes pressure drop, and can clear vertical restrictions found commonly in mines.

The filter is supplied with 2-inch BSPP ports, easily adaptable to another common finding underground, Super Stecko fittings.

The steel housing of the 300 gallon per minute LW60 includes a stainless steel bypass valve that ensures smooth integration with the 95/5 fluid utilized in longwall circuits. The LW60 has an indicator integrated into the housing’s design, allowing miners to see when the element needs to be cleaned.

The filter features a new synthetic media designed specifically for the mining industry, Excellement-MD, and is offered in Beta200 greater than 3mm, 5mm, 10mm and 25mm absolute efficiency options. This level of filtration is required to protect the valves at the shields and is not achievable using alternative wire mesh elements because of their lack of absolute ratings.

Tunnel Radio of America

TUNNEL Radio of America will be showing some timely technology at this year’s Longwall USA, as underground mines hit the MSHA deadline to submit communication and tracking plans.

June 15 marks the cut-off for mines to comply with the new guidelines and Tunnel Radio says its two-way communication and tracking systems are all MINER Act-compliant.

“Our MineAx tracking system uses all wireless, battery-powered readers. This provides simple and flexible deployment, meeting the PPL guidelines,” the company said.

Tunnel Radio will be showing its UHF system, which provides 1000-plus feet of coverage underground. The system uses Motorola radios for the technology’s range, clarity and battery life.

Under tracking capabilities, Tunnel Radio will be showing the wireless readers that work alongside its leaky feeder communications backbone. The tracking system includes an instant find feature to allow personnel to search out an individual miner in his or her current location, continuous polling and a tag read range of up to 400ft.

Tunnel Radio has offices in both Oregon and Kentucky.