Conference to address coal future

THE American Coal Council are calling on registrations for the Annual Coal Market Strategies Conference to be held in Atlanta from October 13 to 15.

Staff Reporter

This year the conference will centre on “Coal Power: Fueling a Sound Economic and Environmental Future”

The program examines critical marketplace and public policy issues that are affecting utility-coal markets and the industries that help power North America. It also explores unique issues associated with eastern and western US markets and operations.

The program features presentations from coal suppliers, utilities, railroads, and energy traders, along with industry-wide perspectives from leading consultants.

Topics include FERC’s wholesale power market platform and transmission ownership; mercury and multi-emissions compliance strategies and tactics; natural gas markets assessment; clean coal technologies, hydrogen and the FutureGen project; NOx SIP call and emissions credits; prospectus on new coal-based generation; and the financial status of coal suppliers and power generators.

A post-conference seminar has been planned on "The Next Generation of Coal Generation" that will provide a detailed look at the outlook for new coal-based generation, supercritical power plants, ultra supercritical power plants, IGCC and FutureGen & Hydrogen.

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