Coates appointed MCA head

XSTRATA Coal chief executive Peter Coates has been elected chairman of the Minerals Council of Australia (MCA), replacing Zinifex chief Greig Gailey.

Angie Tomlinson

“Although the minerals industry is enjoying a period of growth and expansion, significant challenges confront us. We must not become complacent, nor can we let down our guard,” Coates said upon taking the new role.

“We cannot rest until we achieve our number one priority of zero fatalities and injuries.

“We must also continue to tackle skills shortages; build even closer relationships with our communities, especially indigenous communities; work with state and federal governments to overcome infrastructure bottlenecks; and rebuild our minerals inventory.”

Coates will bring 40-years experience to the MCA role. He is currently a director of Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal, Port Waratah Coal Services, the NSW Minerals Council and the Queensland Resource Council and sits on the NSW Mines Safety Council.

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