More light from mobile illumination units

POWERFUL enough to provide safe working illumination for an area the size of a tennis court, the Allmand Maxi-Lite 8V has a combined light output of more than 600,000 lumens.

Lou Caruana
More light from mobile illumination units

A unique feature of the Maxi-Lite is that the tower can be raised to its full height in 25 seconds.

The six-section, hydraulically actuated automatic lift mechanism elevates the lamp head to almost 8m above the ground.

Intuitive adjustment of the lamp head allows accurate positioning of the lights before extending the tower.

“The Maxi-Lite 8V has a telescoping light tower with four super high output 1250-watt metal halide lamps on an adjustable head, providing a ‘best in class’ solution to effectively and efficiently illuminate most work sites,” air equipment supplier CAPS Australia marketing manager Richard Sweet said.

While the sectional tower is a typical design, the Maxi-Lite incorporates nylon guide sleeves which give smooth operation and help stabilise the tower when extended, enabling the unit to withstand wind gusts of up to 100 kilometres per hour.

An integrated cable drum allows safe and neat extension and retraction of the power cable.

The units are built in the US but incorporate switches and circuit breakers that comply with Australian regulations and standards.

Built to withstand a range of arduous operating environments, the unit features a heavy duty “A” frame drawbar and 15-inch wheels on a single axle with leaf-spring suspension.

There are also hydraulic override brakes and a hand-operated parking brake.

The design and construction allow the unit to be towed on the often unsurfaced roads of a mine or construction site.

The canopy is made from heavy gauge sheet metal to withstand harsh operating conditions and has built-in environmental containment facilities for the fuel tank and engine in the event of any machine liquid spillage.

The OEM finish is a high-quality polyurethane paint.

Powered by a Caterpillar model C1-1 diesel motor driving a 7.5-kilowatt generator, the engine can run for up to 100 hours – enough to power almost a full week’s worth of shifts.

The housing of the Maxi-Lite is insulated and the unit silenced to 64 decibels.


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