Employee wages in ABCC crosshairs

AUSTRALIAN Building and Construction Commission inspectors will be visiting building sites in Western Australia and Queensland this week targeting businesses that are underpaying employees.
Employee wages in ABCC crosshairs Employee wages in ABCC crosshairs Employee wages in ABCC crosshairs Employee wages in ABCC crosshairs Employee wages in ABCC crosshairs


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The visits will include building sites around Karratha, Barrow Island and Onslow in WA and Townsville in Queensland.

ABC Commissioner Leigh Johns said the inspectors would be checking the books on a number of building sites and encouraged any employees who suspected they were being underpaid to contact the ABCC.

“I am determined to ensure that all building and construction workers receive a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work,” Johns said.

“If employees think they are not receiving the entitlements they deserve, they should speak with an ABCC inspector while they are in the area.

“We can arrange private meetings.”

The ABCC recovered more than $140,000 in underpayments last year for employees in WA and Queensland.

“Unintentional underpayments might occur from time to time but it is important to rectify the underpayment as soon as possible,” Johns said.

“No company wants to face hefty back payments, especially not smaller employers in the building and construction industry.”

Johns encouraged construction businesses in the areas to use the opportunity to obtain free, face-to-face advice on their workplace obligations.

He said the ABCC inspectors would be able to provide guidance on workplace laws, correct record keeping, dispute resolution procedures and occupational health and safety management plans.

Members of the building and construction industry seeking advice on their workplace rights and obligations can call the ABCC hotline on 1800 003 338 or visit www.abcc.gov.au .

This article first appeared in ConstructionIndustryNews.net

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