WDS angling to win $2B in coal mine contracts

MINING services provider WDS stands ready to tender for up to $2 billion of the total Australian coal mine construction spend over the next six years as well as the opportunity to provide underground services on an ongoing basis.
WDS angling to win $2B in coal mine contracts WDS angling to win $2B in coal mine contracts WDS angling to win $2B in coal mine contracts WDS angling to win $2B in coal mine contracts WDS angling to win $2B in coal mine contracts

Image courtesy of WDS

Lou Caruana

The company’s credentials are well established, with two flagship projects in the coal mining industry – Peabody Energy’s North Goonyella mine in Queensland and BHP Billiton’s Illawarra Coal Dendrobium mine in New South Wales – its chief executive officer Terry Chapman said in a recent presentation.

The North Goonyella contract, which started in 1999 and is still ongoing, includes coal driveage, secondary support, ventilation installation, conveyor installation, longwall relocation, booster-fan installation and fall recovery.

Chapman has described WDS’s association with Peabody as a “longstanding professional relationship", despite a dispute earlier this year over a contract at Peabody’s Metropolitan Colliery in NSW. The dispute was resolved with the early termination of the contract.

The Dendrobium contract started in 2002 and continues to the present day to be a major contract for the company, Chapman said.

Its scope includes initial drift development and surface infrastructure, subsequent construction of roadways for first longwall blocks, secondary and ventilation support, conveyor installation – both all mains and gate roads – services, roadworks, and high-tension power.

“WDS have undertaken a range of materials-handling and mining services projects for BHP Billiton for more than 10 years, including the initial construction and development of the Dendrobium mine,” Chapman said.

The company is prepared to service new contracts with its seven road headers, seven continuous miners, 10 shuttle cars, 22 LHDs, five feeder breakers, three shotcrete rigs and11 personnel transporters.