Fatal outcome in second Turkish gas incident

AT LEAST one miner is reportedly dead following a gas explosion in northwestern Turkey, the second gas-related mining incident in the country in less than a week.

Donna Schmidt

According to Chinese state-run media outlet Xinhua, the Anatolia news agency reported that one miner was killed and two other injured at an unknown mine in the Zonguldak province.

A report from the same service late Friday indicated that bodies of two more workers had been recovered from the operation and a total of five were injured, though no officials had confirmed the total death count at press time.

The Zonguldak State Hospital is treating the injured, according to the Daily Hurriyet.

Last Monday, a methane leak at an underground coal operation in northern Turkey left eight workers dead.

While several reports indicated five deaths and two missing workers, Turkish mining officials told the Associated Press later the same day that eight had perished at the Kozlu coal mine in the Zonguldak province.

Another six were evacuated unharmed and one miner escaped with injuries.

One official said the group had been working at the time to open up a space in a tunnel to reach a deposit when they were overtaken by a sudden methane discharge.

Turkey has been working to improve safety at its operations, even idling dangerous and unlicensed mines.

The country’s most deadly mine disaster ever also occurred in the province when about 270 workers were killed in a gas explosion in 1992.