Duke wants its customers back

DUKE Energy has launched a major media campaign to regain the trust of its customers after the recent ash spill in North Carolina.

Sadie Davidson

Duke took out full-page advertisements in local newspapers across NC.

In the ads, addressed to the people of North Carolina, CEO Lynn Good wrote that the company was taking action to "ensure the safety of our ash basins and develop a plan for long-term management, including closure.

“We believe our responsibility to provide safe, reliable and affordable electricity is a noble mission, and our employees are proud of our work.”

In an anything-but-subtle conclusion, the ad reiterated Duke’s commitment to the people of North Carolina.

“We want you to count on us for reliable power, safe operations and a strong commitment to the environment.

“We care deeply about getting this right,” it read.

Duke Energy gained media attention last month when leaks in an underwater pipe lead to a major coal ash spill, which polluted the Dan River.

This resulted in the company being hit with the biggest Environmental Protections Agency fine given.