Qld govt urges contractors to innovate

THE state of the coal mining contractor market means companies have to innovate in order to meet market expectations and drive down costs, according to the Queensland Department of State Development, Infrastructure and Planning.

Lou Caruana

But with the backing of programs such as the DSDIP’s Accessing Supply Chain Opportunities (ASCO) initiative, these innovations can be turned into a market advantage, DSDIP northern regional director Nikki Wright said.

The DSDIP has officially recognised that the Bowen Basin Mining Club’s Queensland Mining Contractor Awards closely align with their goals in working with local resource sector suppliers, she said.

“The local DSDIP industry development team’s role is to help businesses to profile their strengths and demonstrate their capabilities and performance, along with improving the integrity of their management systems,” she said.

“The function of the BBMC and the awards is very closely aligned with these goals and we are active in supporting great industry initiatives.

“I encourage contractors to nominate for a Queensland Mining Contractor Award. Opportunities like this one should be taken.”

Bowen Basin Mining Club director Jodie Currie said the Queensland government’s support is direct evidence that the resource sector is holding up as one of Queensland’s “Four Pillar” industries.

“The DSDIP does great work in encouraging local businesses to define their capabilities and take advantage of supply chain opportunities, and the Mining Contractor Awards take this one step further by recognising their efforts,” she said.

“In supporting the Mining Contractor Awards, the state government is giving a real-world explanation of how they plan to empower the resource industry, from Tier 1 contractors all the way through to mum-and-dad operations.

“Whether they realise it or not, contractors are already undertaking many initiatives to make their offering more attractive. They also have the flexibility to be dynamic to provide service, which reflects current market realities.”

The QLD Mining Contractor Awards will be presented on July 23 at Mackay Entertainment and Convention Centre.