Russian engineers benefit from German know-how

GERMAN consultancy group RAG Mining Solutions has run a two-week employee training course for Russian coal mining personnel on handling and controlling gas and dust in the German coal mining industry.

Lou Caruana

In a diverse mix of specialist lectures and visits to all three RAG mines and the training mine in Recklinghausen, the German specialists passed on their approach for dealing with the challenges involved with dust and gas to the Russian engineers.

The engineers from a major Russian mining company are preparing for the demands of the future through suitable training.

For this purpose, the company is collecting information about how to deal with gas, dust, mine ventilation and climate and logistics.

The Russian company is one of the largest producers of hard coal in the world.

Its business relationship with RAG Mining Solutions has been established for several years.

The Russian engineers had already been to Germany in the past for key courses and training on health, safety and environmental protection.

At the end of last year, German specialists visited several of the Russian customer's mines in order to audit them in areas relating to technology and safety.

As soon as the first group had left, another set of Russian specialists enrolled for the next seminars RAG was conducting.