Woodside's $10m boost for UWA engineers

WOODSIDE and the University of Western Australia have announced a $10 million investment in the university’s EZONE UWA project, which they said was critical to the future of engineering in the state.

Anthony Barich

Woodside CEO and UWA Adjunct Professor Peter Coleman said the project had the potential to revolutionise engineering education in the state.

“The EZONE will extend the engineering and technical excellence within the State to grow the economy, build new industries and deliver a prosperous future for all Australians,” he said.

EZONE UWA will deliver new and improved teaching and research infrastructure across UWA’s Crawley campus, Shenton Park and the Australian Resources Research Centre in Bentley.

It will also enable UWA’s faculty of engineering, computing and mathematics to equip current and future students with skills and knowledge through state-of-the-art facilities, providing a network of flexible teaching and research spaces to promote collaboration, innovation and new thinking at a time when graduates and researchers must adapt to frequently changing industry practices and requirements.

UWA vice chancellor Professor Paul Johnson said the project, a major aspect of the university’s New Century Campaign, would help equip WA and the world with engineers, computer scientists and mathematicians who can solve far-ranging problems that arise in multiple disciplines.

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