App connects companies with investors

A NEW app designed by investor relations specialists enables mining and energy companies to find funds and institutions.
App connects companies with investors App connects companies with investors App connects companies with investors App connects companies with investors App connects companies with investors


Kristie Batten

Sydney firm Fortbridge Consulting initially designed the Fund Finder app for investor relations consultants, but has now made it available to mining and energy executives.

The app lists a wide range of investor contacts, including buy-side funds and institutions, brokers and other investment advisors, across the world’s major resources investment centres, including New York, London, Sydney, Zurich, Toronto, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Fund Finder currently provides users with information and the location of around 2500 investor groups in over 20 countries, as well as links to websites and where applicable, LinkedIn profiles.

Fortbridge managing director Bill Kemmery said Fund Finder was a more efficient way of connecting with investors and was more effective than a database.

“The app assumes a high level of usage will come from executives relying on smart phones or tablets for their information requirements,” he said.

“We wanted to avoid static and quickly outdated databases, so opted for linking the app to the web sites and LinkedIn profiles of each of the funds and institutions listed in the cities covered as well as providing a geo-locater function (where all investor data is geotagged).”

Fund Finder is most relevant for companies listed on stock exchanges with high levels of international investor activity and market liquidity, but the information contained within the app is of equal value to stocks listed in London, Toronto, Sydney or any other exchange.

“Currently, we have uploaded over 2000 investor contacts from the details of the investors Fortbridge has worked with over the past five years – through investor roadshows in over 30 cities, through weekly distributions of clients’ material disclosures and through many of the investor forums we advised on or sponsor each year in key investment hubs like New York, London, Hong Kong and Singapore,” Kemmery said.

“Each week we have changes somewhere across the work we do, and these are in turn updated on Fund Finder – after all, our consultants rely on this information too.”

Fund Finder was designed for resources companies seeking to get funds and institutions on to their registers.

“Fund Finder will get them started on this process, and allow them to locate and connect with investors when they attend conferences or travel for business,” Kemmery said.

“A Perth-based mining exec attending Mines and Money in London could use Fund Finder to locate mining investor groups, buy-side and sell-side, in London ahead of the conference or while at the booth at the event.

“Or they could use it to do the same for Hong Kong or Dubai, for example, and stop off on the way to London or on the way back with the contacts they locate on Fund Finder in these markets.”

Designed around users with smart phones and tablets or laptops, Fund Finder can be deployed anywhere an executive has internet access and can be downloaded from iTunes or Google Play and used when travelling or from the office.

The app is based on a monthly subscription fee of $A10 per month, but each log-in can be used across multiple devices.

Fortbridge plans to continuously build the contacts on Fund Finder and will ask for user feedback in the process.

“For example, we are researching ways to allow users to add their own (private) contacts or to be rewarded for providing an update that can be shared by others using the app,” Kemmery said.

“We will also be looking at ways of engaging in more depth with external resources such as LinkedIn.”

Fund Finder will be made available to other sectors, with technology and healthcare being included in the next stage of the roll-out in early 2015.