Free time injury

A Gladstone LNG project worker was ferried off Curtis Island for medical treatment on Sunday, but Bechtel said the man showed up for work in an injured state.
Free time injury Free time injury Free time injury Free time injury Free time injury

GLNG plant image courtesy of Santos. Taken in July, 2014.

Blair Price

According to the Gladstone Observer, the 27-year-old man had been injured in a fall.

“The GLNG employee had swollen ankles, a bruised thumb and a lump on his head when he was met by ambulance crews at Barney Point terminal,” the newspaper reported.

“The man is expected to make a full recovery.”

However, Curtis LNG plant building contractor Bechtel said the injury did not occur on site and was not work related.

“It happened while the employee was on the mainland in his free time,” a spokesman said.

“He returned to the accommodation on Curtis Island and was examined by the site-based doctor, who arranged for him to return to Gladstone for further treatment.”

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