Shale ground-breaker cements fiery relationship

PROSPECT Flow Solutions has cemented its long-term relationship with emergency response specialist Wild Well Control by becoming its new Advanced Engineering Group.

Anthony Barich

Wild Well has partnered Prospect since the former set up shop in 1999 on a number of projects.

The pair recently collaborated in phase one of a joint industry project to develop large-scaled field testing of subsea gas releases to validate the computer prediction models that ensure safe placement of a capping stack during critical offshore operations.

Wild Well Advanced Engineering vice president Alistair Gill, former vice president of Prospect, said he expected an even greater presence in the international market as a result of the integration with Wild Well.

“By providing southeast Asia and Middle East operators with our services, Wild Well has the potential for tremendous growth for its existing offices in Aberdeen and abroad,” Gill said.

He added that Wild Well’s involvement in ground-breaking research related to the shale gas market, such as cement and casing integrity, offered Advanced Engineering the opportunity to continually produce pioneering follow-ups to past energy project successes.

“Now as a group within the company, Advanced Engineering is better placed to support Wild Well’s core services with its expertise and innovative engineering solutions,” Gill said.

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