New cyber threat tackled

ENERGY management and automation specialist Schneider Electric has launched its Tricon CX system for safety and critical control applications across the oil and gas, power, refining, chemicals, pharmaceutical and biotech industries.
New cyber threat tackled New cyber threat tackled New cyber threat tackled New cyber threat tackled New cyber threat tackled

Tricon CX safety system.

Anthony Barich

Schneider says the certified “high-integrity” certified ISA Secure system ensured operational integrity, protecting against inherent risk and hazards, as well as external threats like cyber-attack.

Schneider Electric Pacific Zone director of process automation offer management and business development Neil Smith said that while safety and security had always been a top concern for its industrial clients, new threats like cyber-attack have challenged the traditional approaches they have taken to protect and secure their people, property, communities and the environment.

“Therefore, our clients demand the highest levels of safety and security to keep them safe and ensure the systems they rely on are immune to external threats,” he said.

“Our high-performance, future-proof Tricon CX safety system does just that. With more performance and capability, it can help clients maximise productivity, reliability and security while minimising risks and the likelihood of business interruption. It’s another example of why Schneider Electric is uniquely positioned to power the big ideas our clients need to solve their most critical issues.”

Tricon CX – the latest addition to Schneider Electric’s Triconex line of safety-instrumented systems –is smaller, faster, lighter and more powerful than previous safety solutions, with advanced functionality which enables online upgrades without operational interruption.

Its compact design allows for a number of new features including reduced form factor by 50%, a 67% reduction in weight, lower power consumption, advanced monitoring and control capabilities, 300% more controller tag capacity, five-times increase in peer-to-peer performance and new automated test and verification safety logic.