PWCS offers Newcastle Council $12M

NEWCASTLE Council will this week discuss a new $12 million offer by Port Waratah Coal Services as its developer contribution for its $5 billion T4 coal loader in New South Wales.

Lou Caruana

PWCS CEO Hennie du Plooy said the deal will not short-change the people of Newcastle.

“We're willing to demonstrate that a project, such as this, can leave a strong, beneficial, long-term legacy that goes beyond its impacts to the community,” he reportedly told the ABC.

Du Plooy said the benefits of the controversial T4 projects would outweigh any impacts.

“This is a low-impact project, partly because it already contains a significant investment in roads and so on,” he told the ABC.

“Our objective with the negotiations has been to demonstrate there are other benefits to the community, that will flow over a long period if the project goes ahead.”

The T4 coal terminal project is still being assessed by the Planning Assessment Commission and if it is approved would only built when market conditions improve, according to PWCS.