Murray chooses Javelin to market its Colombian coal

MURRAY Energy Corporation and Javelin Global Commodities Holdings have entered into a long-term exclusive agreement in which Javelin will be the marketing agent for all coal produced by Murray Colombian Resources.

Lou Caruana

Murray Energy CEO Robert E Murray said: “Murray Energy is extremely excited to have Javelin market the coal from our South American operations in the international marketplace.

“Murray Energy is a premier coal producer and exporter in the international marketplace, and Javelin’s efforts only strengthens our position and our ability to serve our customers worldwide.”

Murray Energy’s acquisition of Murray Colombian Resources is a “terrific fit” for Javelin’s ongoing marketing activities in North America, Europe, and Latin America, its CEO Peter Bradley said.

“We look forward to serving these customers with an increasing suite of high-quality coals,” he said.

“The low sulphur, excellent blending Colombian coal, which Murray Energy will now produce at Murray Colombian Resources, is an ideal complement to the high heating value, low cost coal from Murray Energy’s mining operations in the United States.”