Presenters needed for mechanical safety seminar

NEW South Wales Mine Safety is looking for a range of presenters to attend its annual Mechanical Engineering Safety Seminar to be held at Sydney Olympic Park on 3-4 August.

Lou Caruana

Presenters will have the opportunity to broaden the knowledge base of mechanical engineers in the mining industry, while building their own experience and reputation, the Mine Safety Unit said.

“We are seeking experienced and enthusiastic presenters who can deliver informative, educational and practical presentations to attendees in a range of health, safety and technical issues faced by mechanical engineers in the coal, metalliferous and quarry mining fields,” it said.

“We want knowledgeable presenters who will engage delegates and deliver content that is matched to audience needs and levels of experience. Interactive session formats that incorporate case studies, scenarios and questions are highly encouraged as delegates appreciate content based on real examples with practical application.”

The theme for this year’s seminar is “Acknowledge wrong to make right”

“We are not looking for brand promotion and sales pitches,” MSU said. “We regularly receive feedback from delegates that they do not want presenters to read papers or to deliver theoretical content with no practical application.

“While we recognise that presentations may include company logos and material, the focus must be towards a safety or technical problem or project, how the challenges were dealt with and benefits to the broader mining community.”

Presentations are typically 30 minutes long and may involve co-presenters. Sessions are broken into 1.5 hour lots where presenters take turns on the stage and return at the end of the session for audience questions.

PowerPoint slideshows and/or other audio visual materials are welcome. The conference centre is well equipped with projectors, screens and audio. Slideshows or other materials must be provided to event organisers in advance.

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